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From the Home of Siénna Café, TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy is an indigenous, premium, classic-collection, Specialty Coffee, brought to you directly from Colombia, at 5,577 ft (1700 msnm) above sea level in the “Coffee Axis.”

From  seed to cup, our cultivation, fermentation, and manufacturing  process is all natural without additives, preservatives, fillers, or any chemicals, as the product is 100% pure, completely selected, by hand.

 The rich soil and special  geographical points give TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy guaranteed quality and an original taste. TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy when tested by a Q-Grader is rated a better tasting and superior product to many premium specialty brands around the world. Siénna Cafe is committed to providing premium fresh product directly to coffee lovers and the café industry. 

Our Process

The question is not if Siénna Café is "TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy,"
but do you want to buy the best coffee?

TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy is 100% pure indigenous Arabica Specialty Coffee of Colombian origin. Since the 16th century, coffee has been grown, cultivated, and harvested in our region. TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy thrives at 1,700 meters above sea level in the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape known as the “Coffee Axis.” Here, there are green oceans of coffee, above the clouds. This unique environment, climate, and elevation gives the cherries used to create TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy their natural God-given characteristics. In addition, our all manual, wet-process, sun-drying and “special treatment” ensure the quality, and fresh pure taste of the coffee. 


"The only way to guarantee the quality of a product is to guarantee the integrity of the process."

Siénna Sourcing

The SiénnA Difference

Colombia is a place where life is dedicated to a code of ethics with respect for the  origin, process, and presentation of the best coffee in the world.

There are natural and human factors that directly contribute to quality of coffee.  When we say, “special treatment,” that refers to the post-harvest process that includes  de-pulping, washing and drying of coffee cherries, which is undoubtedly one of the most arduous, thorough and personalized jobs in the entire coffee production chain. In these stages of the process, the quality of the coffee is obtained. The person who does this task has deference over the whole process.

Colombian coffee can only be exported if it meets the current minimum quality parameters, which are reviewed and inspected  in all ports where coffee is exported from Colombia. For TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy to be exported, it must first go through several different points of analysis. All standards of sensory quality, granulometry and humidity must be achieved in accordance with the current regulations in Colombia.

To ensure the highest quality product, the efforts of “Los Cafeteros,” Colombian coffee growers, reach far beyond their territory. Colombia has become the world leader in an effort to build a regulatory quality assurance system for its product from the seed of the plant, to the 100% pure Colombian specialty coffee cup. 

After crude oil, coffee is the second highest demanded commodity in the world, earning over $100 billion annually, and over $20 billion in exports alone. Only 3% of the global coffee production is considered Speciality Grade Coffee Beans,  which have the highest grade. To be classified as Grade 1 Coffee, coffee should have been hand picked by selective picking of mature beans, scoring 80 or above on a 100 point scale by a certified Q-Grader. Specialty Coffee Beans need to have no primary defects and 0-3 full defects, with a maximum of 5 defects per 350gr of milled beans. 


From Seed to Cup

Experience the Siénna Difference

Our Cherries

In Colombia, coffee has been grown since the 16th century. It is a lifestyle. Built on 70 years of tradition, TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy life cycle starts with the Arabica Coffee Trees of highest quality, grown in the heart of Colombia’s “Coffee Axis.” The elevation, climate, moisture, rich soil and special geographic points give TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy its unique and original flavor. The cross-pollination of honey bees adds elements of other tropical fruits, flavors, and elements from the environment. The soil, full of nourishment, is only replenished with natural fertilizers, as TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy is 100% pure and is all natural. Each coffee cherry is hand selected for its ripeness and quality. We guarantee to only pick, roast, and brew the best coffee beans to ensure that every cup of is an example of perfection.

Hand Selected

To ensure our original flavor and quality, only the ripest cherries are harvested. Every cherry used in the process of creating the unique Siénna flavor are picked individually by hand. Our Cafeteros chooses only the cherries that are at the peak of ripeness. This method of harvesting guarantees the purest and highest quality Arabica beans.


The process of creating TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy guarantees to preserve the richest flavors in our Specialty Coffee. By sun-drying the cherries, we preserve the integrity of the parchment envelope (the endocarp) to capture the full spectrum of natural nutrients, flavors, and sensory characteristics our cherries have. This is the most critical phase of the process, a geographic anomaly, and a health benefit. 


To unlock the original flavor, our Master Roasters use knowledge, wisdom, and understanding with 70 years of experience, roasting every batch of coffee to perfection. We use a roasting method that allows each coffee bean to achieve a consistently controlled rate of temperature and time, with an even distribution of convection heat and surface contact. Many inferior commodity brands use high roast temperatures, attempting to mask defects and foreign industrial toxins in the bean. TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy is an indigenous, 100% pure, all natural, medium roasted coffee, which preserves the maximum level of caffeine in the bean and the full spectrum of its flavor. We uphold the highest standards of Regulatory Quality Assurance and a code to ensure every bean is perfect – releasing the fragrant aroma and rich flavors locked in the heart of every bean.   

Grind & Serve

TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy is offered in whole bean (grano) or ground (molino). The objective of our effort is to deliver the purest flavor in a cup of coffee. All SiénnaCaféSocialKlub Roasters, Baristas, and employees are professionals, trained by masters of the craft, and are dedicated to ensure every batch is curated to perfection. We tailor our coffee grinds to guarantee that every cup of TheBestCoffeeYouCanBuy is fresh, rich, and full of flavor. Enjoy!

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